What is the difference between Podiatry and Chiropody?
Essentially there is no difference between a chiropodist and a podiatrist. Chiropody is the original name given to foot specialists. In the 1950's, practices decided to use the more modern term "podiatry." Both chiropodists and podiatrists can assess and diagnose foot and ankle problems, perform soft tissue surgery and provide custom orthotics and orthopedic footwear. 
Are Your Podiatrists Qualified?
Yes,  all of our chiropodists and podiatrists have BSc degree in Podiatric medicine and are HCPC registered.
What is HCPC?
HCPC is a health professionals regulator. All HCPC registered health professionals meet the appropriate standards for training, behaviour, skills and health for the area of health care the professional practices in.
Why do women suffer more foot problems than men?
An American study called "If the shoe fits, wear it" found that nine out of ten women are wearing shoes that are too small and, after the age of 60, some 70% of women will have osteoarthritis problems in their feet. As you get older, your feet tend to spread, but few women get them measured after the age of 20. Foot problems most commonly appear in the 40s, 50s, and 60s following decades of persevering with poorly fitting footwear. If social expectations of women's appearance and the sort of shoes that are "acceptable" changed, then there would be far fewer foot problems.